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Ariel Desir

Customer Service Representative

Q : Where were you born? 

A : Ft. Lauderdale

Q : How long have you been in Sarasota area? 

A :5 years

Q : Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

A : More dog but absolutely adore cats as well!

Q :  Where is your dream vacation spot? 

A : Bora Bora

Q : Do you enjoy your job and why? 

A : I love and enjoy my profession because I get to educate people on the importance of having the proper coverage as well as providing protection and security to families that may seriously need it in the future.

Q : What are some of your hobbies? 

A : Painting, Arts and Crafts, enjoying activities with my child.

Q : What is your favorite type of music? 

A : R & B

Q : What is your zodiac sign?

A : Capricorn

Q : What is your favorite sport to watch? 

A : None!

Q : Where was your most interesting vacation? 

A : Haiti

Q : All-time favorite scary movie? 

A : Hate Horror Movies so none!

Q : What is something you miss from your childhood? 

A : Being taken care of financially.

Q: What was your childhood nickname? 

A : Niq