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Do I Need Boat Insurance For Hurricane Season?

Do you need boat insurance for hurricane season? The answer is definitely yes. Hurricane season is just around the corner, but protecting your boat might not be on the top of your list. Most people think about protecting their house and cars before their boat. However, having a boat preparation plan before hurricane season starts is just as important.

Whatever plan you decide to put into place, you’ll want to make sure that it's in effect way before the storm hits - that way, you can focus on evacuation preparedness and/or boarding up your house.

Here are our recommendations for preparing your boat for a hurricane:

  • Decide where you’ll be storing your boat during the storm - on land, or in the water.

  • For land storage:

    • Make sure your trailer is always ready to go

    • Let some air out of your trailer tires once parked to make it more stable during the storm

    • Park your trailer away from anything like trees or utility poles

    • Remember, bow up, stern down, and remove the drain plug so that you won’t have any water build-up

    • Don't use your boat lift

    • If possible, cover your boat and make sure everything is tied down tight or stored safely

  • For water storage:

    • Double the number of dock lines, ensure there's slack in the line for changes in water levels, and use chafe guards

    • Find a place that’s as sheltered if possible

    • Use extra fenders to protect the hull

    • Make sure your bilge pump is working properly

    • Make sure the cockpit scuppers are free-flowing to allow drainage during the storm

We hope you never have to experience a catastrophic hurricane because even the best preparations may not help alleviate the damage. However, boat insurance will help protect your investment if your boat has to ride out a storm. Give us a call today to find out which boat insurance options we offer.



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