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Jonathan “Eric” Braad

Licensed Sales Producer

Coffeeshop order: Starbuck - White Chocolate Mocha, Coconut milk, extra hot

Favorite beverage: Water, Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino in a glass bottle, Tea

Sports teams: Don’t really watch sports.

Sweet treat: n/a

Flower: Anything pretty

Hobbies: Boating, hiking, camping, anything dealing with outdoors and water

Restaurants/ meal: I like Italian food, Mexican food, and Indian food

Baked goods: Everything bagel w/ roasted red pepper cream cheese (any cream cheese will do, really)

Places to shop: Target, Apple, Big Lots, Coach, Amazon

Candle and/or lotion scents: the Ocean scent from Men’s Collection of Bath and Body Works for lotion and I like just about any candle scent other than food scents.

Movies/ genre: Scary, Action, Thrill

What do you always need/want more of? Starbucks gift cards, I like to work with background music.

Is there anything you prefer not to receive/ already have enough of? Not that I can think of.

Allergies/ dietary preferences: No

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