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Our agency promises to make sure we find the best home insurance rate for you. We have up to 16 different A-rated home insurance companies. You can be confident knowing that we always insure homes through the most financially stable insurance carriers. Some of the carriers we recommend are Tower Hill, United Property & Casualty, St. Johns, Florida Peninsula, Fed Nat, Edison, Universal North America, Cabrillo, and Allstate’s Castle Key Insurance Company.

Coverage A | Dwelling

Protects against the damage and possible loss of your home in the event of a covered peril such as a hurricane, wind, hail, lightening or fire. It’s important to insure your home for its current replacement value. Our agency does a complete dwelling replacement evaluation of your property to make sure we have just the right amount of dwelling coverage on your Florida home. 

Coverage B | Other Structures on your Property

In Florida, this is typically a detached garage, shed, and/or other structures on your property not connected to your home.

Coverage C | Personal Property (also known as Contents)

Take your home, flip it upside down, and everything that falls out is likely Personal Property. These are your personal belongings – Furniture, clothing, electronics, clothing, guns, jewelry, etc.

Coverage D | Loss of Use

Provides coverage for your living expenses if you cannot live in your home due to a covered claim. This type of coverage typically covers hotels, food, and other living expenses you may incur while your home is being repaired.

Coverage E | Personal Liability

This is the most important coverage to think about. What are you trying to protect? If you or anyone in your household is accused of accidentally causing injury or damage to property, your home insurance liability coverage can help by providing for legal defense fees and, in the event of a settlement or judgment, can pay damages (up to your policy limit). You may want to even consider an Excess Liability (also known as Umbrella) policy.

Coverage F | Medical Payments

Guest medical coverage is included in most home insurance policies. This provides protection for your guests, should they be injured in or around your home accidentally. Typically, policyholders with guest medical coverage can feel confident in their ability to help pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses (up to policy limits) caused by accidents at your home that are not covered by liability protection. 

Renters Insurance

Even if you don’t own a home, you want to make sure your contents are protected. Most apartment communities require this coverage. For as little as $12 a month, we can protect your personal belongings and liability. Often, we can save you more than the cost of this policy by bundling your Auto insurance with us. Give us a call today!


All Other Perils (AOP) -

$500, $1000, or $2500 - A higher deductible can have a lower annual premium, but more out of pocket expenses at the time of a loss.  A lower deductible will mean less out of pocket if you file a claim, but a higher premium on your homeowner’s policy. Which you do feel more comfortable with?

Hurricane -

The market standard in Florida is to carry a 2% Hurricane Deductible. This is a percentage of your dwelling coverage. For example, a home with $250,000 in dwelling coverage and a 2% deductible, will have a $5000 which will be deducted from the final claim payout. Many carriers are now offering $500, $1000, $2500, 2%, 5% and 10% options. Choose a deductible that best fits your needs.

Optional Coverages

  • Replacement Cost on Contents

  • Screened Enclosure Coverage – May or may not include screening.

  • Water Backup and Sump Overflow

  • Flood Endorsement – Many carriers offer this on your home insurance policy now. 

  • Ordinance or Law Coverage (10%, 25% or 50%)

  • Sinkhole Coverage

  • Loss Assessment 

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