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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Holiday Disaters?

When it comes to real life, holiday hazards have very real repercussions. The American Red Cross reports that almost 47,000 fires occur during the holidays, costing hundreds of millions in property damage.

As we settle in with our bowls of popcorn and cups of hot cocoa to watch iconic holiday movies like, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you may start to wonder if you are protected under your standard home insurance?

It's crucial that you understand what the average homeowners insurance policy includes in its coverage. Your normal home insurance policy plan includes five standard pieces:

  • Personal liability: Personal liability covers bodily injuries or property damage to visiting guests. Including any injuries incurred by children and pets.

  • Dwelling policy: This is the standard portion of home insurance policy that we normally envision if we talk about home insurance. This includes security for your house and any attached structures, like your garage or attic. It can also cover damages from a fire, lightning, explosions, sleet, snow, theft or vandalism.

  • Medical payments: When someone is hurt on your property, medical payments coverage will look after the injured person’s immediate medical expenditures.

  • Personal property: Even though home coverage protects the construction of your home, personal property coverage is the thing that protects your belongings inside the home. This includes things like your clothes, electronics, furniture and appliances.

  • Added living costs: There are some events that are so big, they require more time to repair. In cases like this, additional living expenses coverage will cover one to temporarily stay at another place while your home is repaired.

There are other kinds of homeowners insurance coverage that you could buy to cover more unique needs, but this makes up the basics of a typical homeowners insurance policy.

There are many things that go wrong any time of year but possibly more so during the holiday season because there is a combination of visitors or family guests and the stress of the holidays.

Here are a few tips to use this holiday season to prevent mishaps and accidents:

  • Double-check your lights: Outdoor lights should only be used outside, and indoor lights used inside. Make sure to test lights for any frayed ends or exposed wires, and throw out any lights that appear cracked or broken or have a loose connection. Turning your lights out when you go to bed can also help prevent accidental fires.

  • Water your tree: The National Fire Protection Association reports that there are at least 230 fires annually which start from Christmas trees. Make sure you set up your tree away from ignition sources, such as your fireplace or heater, and water your tree each day to keep it fresh.

  • Prepare the household: Before your guests arrive, take some opportunity to check each smoke alarm to make sure it's working correctly. It's also important to sit down with the family members and guests to explore a crisis plan in the event the unthinkable occurs. It could save precious seconds in receiving your family to safety if there's an emergency.

  • Assess for lit candles: Candles can offer the perfect aromatic ambiance for your holiday but they're also a fire hazard. Make sure to keep candles out of reach from kids and pets so you don't risk a fire.

For many homeowners, the conventional insurance policy insures many holiday dangers. There is no denying that the holidays are a time of family, cheer, and even some chaos. Luckily, your homeowners insurance policy is very likely to pay for the majority of the damages that your festivities may create.

If you have any questions about your policy or need a quote on a new policy, give us a call. We want to make sure that you have a worry free holiday season.



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