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Driving While Aging

Even though they are still wild at heart, senior citizens can have interesting challenges when it comes to safe driving. Aging drivers have to combat physical changes like deteriorating eyesight and the constant changes in driving over the past decades.

Generally speaking, the experience an older adult has, makes them more conscientious drivers. However, the physical aspects of aging can interfere with driving responsibly. Driving seniors should be concerned with the natural and normal changes in hearing, vision, and response time, as well as any medications that may cause issues with drowsiness and delayed responses.

Everyone ages differently, but older adults are more likely to receive traffic citations and get into accidents than younger drivers. So it is critical that you realize your driving ability can change.

In efforts to keep you safe and your car insurance premiums low, here are a few tips:

  • Have your hearing and vision checked regularly

  • If you have physical limitations, check with your doctors about accommodations

  • Look into defensive driving courses (this will help lower car insurance rates)

  • When in doubt, drive with your headlights on

  • Always keep your head and tail lights, windshield, and side windows clean

For many of us, driving equates to independence regardless of what age we are. By reducing risk factors and utilizing safe driving practices, you can ensure that you will be driving safely into your senior years while keeping your car insurance rates low.

Unfortunately, aging is just part of life. Whether you enjoy the open road or simply driving around town for activities and errands, it’s important to remember that adjustments are needed to accommodate the change in physical abilities. Staying safe while driving is important, and with some simple changes, you can increase your chances of staying that way.

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