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Motorhome Insurance in Florida - A Basic Breakdown

With summer soon upon us, many people will be taking vacations with their partners, friends, or with their families, and if you own a motorhome it can be a really fun way to adventure and take trips from the comfort of your motorhome. That being said, whether you've owned your motorhome for 2 weeks or 2 years, you'll need to make sure you have proper motorhome insurance coverage.

Motorhome Insurance

Mobile homes allow you to travel the world in comfort and freedom. However, such a large investment must be adequately insured to ensure that you are covered no matter where you go. Richard Dean Insurance offers several coverage options for motorhome insurance to protect your mobile or permanent home.

Motorhome insurance can come in the form of multiple coverage options, just like an auto insurance policy. An experienced insurance expert with Richard Dean Insurance will gladly walk you through each of the option plans available to you for motorhome insurance.

Motorhome Insurance Liability Protection

Motorhome insurance liability protection covers bodily injuries and property damage. You can rest assured knowing that your liability coverage will cover you. Liability coverage associated with your motorhome insurance protects you and pays the costs of damages if you are responsible for an accident not covered by your auto insurance.

Motorhome Insurance with Collision Coverage

It can be beneficial to have collision coverage for your motorhome insurance which provides protection against damage to your motorhome due to an accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for Motorhome Insurance

PIP, also known as "No-Fault Insurance," provides coverage for you and your passengers through your motorhome insurance for reasonable, necessary, rehabilitation, and medical expenses associated with an accident. It also covers your work loss, the loss of survivors, and essential services costs resulting from covered accidents. Note: In Florida, PIP is required coverage.

Motorhome Insurance with Comprehensive Coverage

When your motorhome insurance includes comprehensive coverage your motorhome is protected in the case of non-collision loss, such as theft, falling objects, or fire.

Contents Coverage with Motorhome Insurance

This component of your motorhome insurance covers damage or loss to your motorhome's property when it is struck by lightning or fire.

Coverage for Medical Payments through Motorhome Insurance

This policy provides coverage for you, your family members, and passengers through your motorhome insurance if you need medical treatment, services, or surgery to treat bodily injury caused in an accident covered by the policy.

Motorhome Insurance for your Sound System

The manufacturer of your RV will cover the sound-system for up to $2,500 less your policy deductible through your motorhome insurance.

Motorist Coverage for the Uninsured or Under-insured

This coverage through your motorhome insurance provides coverage for you, your family members, and passengers if you are hurt or killed in an accident that involves a driver without insurance or not enough insurance to cover the damage.

Towing and Labor Costs Coverage

Towing and labor costs coverage can be associated with your motorhome insurance.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

If you have collision or comprehensive coverage, this coverage will cover the cost of renting a vehicle or motor home through your motorhome insurance.



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