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Specialty Car Insurance - A Quick Guide

Many people, especially here in Florida, have specialty vehicles, collectors cars, recreational motorcycles, RVs, or the like and might have questions on what type of coverage they need to keep their assets protected. Luckily, we've put together this simple guide to shed some insight.

Here's a quick overview into what you need to know about specialty car insurance:

  • Some companies refer to special car insurance as collector or classic car insurance.

  • Specialty car insurance plans will be paid out at an agreed value by insurance companies instead of the market.

  • Some insurance companies have policies that require policyholders to keep their cars in a locked garage.

A specialty car insurance policy provides greater coverage than a standard policy. This is a form of agreed value car insurance in which insurance companies will pay a predetermined amount instead of the market price if the vehicle is totaled.

This specialty car insurance policy type is required for special-purpose auto sales. The most popular vehicle types that have specialty coverage are exotic and classic cars. If you own a motorcycle or a sports car, specialty car insurance may also be necessary.

Specialty car insurance can result in higher premiums because these vehicles are more costly to replace and repair. You can still find affordable car insurance rates if you go with a reputable agency like Richard Dean Insurance. This guide will help give you information about your policy options.

Do You Need Specialty Car Insurance?

It is difficult to estimate the value of some vehicles, such as imported cars and custom-built kit cars. If the vehicle is damaged in an accident, its market value will not reflect the actual value of it. Therefore, a standard car insurance policy won't cover your investment.

If you are a driver of any of these vehicles, specialty auto insurance is required:

  • Antique or classic cars

  • Kit cars

  • Vehicles that are exotic or imported

  • Scooters and motorcycles

  • Motorsport or racing cars

Supercars and sports cars require specialty car insurance and endorsements to cover the high repairs and replacement costs. For example, because a Lamborghini is more expensive to maintain, Lamborghini car insurance will cost you more.

To ensure that you are adequately covered, you must search for specialty car coverage. Specialty car insurance companies offer drivers the ability to tailor their policies with coverage options that best suit their vehicles and their policy needs.

Specialty Car Insurance - What You Need To Know

If you have an antique, classic or exotic car, you will need specialty car insurance. This coverage is also recommended for owners of supercars or motorcycles.

Insurance companies offer a variety of insurance plans that cover specialty vehicles. Each plan has different benefits and coverage. Your lifestyle and type of vehicle will determine the specialty car insurance you choose for your specialty car.

If your primary vehicle is a specialty car, you'll want to choose a policy that allows for unlimited mileage and encourages pleasure driving.

To find the best rates for specialty car insurance quotes give us a call today so we can talk through your options and find the right coverage for you and your needs: (941) 999-3131



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