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What You Should Consider When Buying A Boat

The decision to buy a boat is exhilarating and will no doubt be a memorable experience. There are many styles of boats out there, and for different prices; by doing some research, you can be more certain that you are getting a boat that will fit your lifestyle and at a good price.

Boats carry a lot of expenses with them: maintenance, boat insurance, gas costs, etc., and as much as buying a boat can be an emotional decision, the last thing you want to do is rush into buying one that could leave you upside down for years.

Whether you are a first-time boat owner or not, having a guideline to follow throughout the process can be helpful. So here’s is our list of things to think about when buying a boat.

Know What Type Of Boat You Want

The most important decision when it comes to buying a boat is what type of boat you want. There is a vessel for almost every possible water activity: wake sports, fishing, cruising, speed, entertaining, or heading to the sand bar on the weekends.

Knowing how the boat will be used is crucial, so ask yourself these questions: What will it be used for? Who will be using it? Where will it be used? How often will it get used? And can I get boat insurance for what it will be used for?

Consider All Boating Costs

When you buy a boat, your buying everything that goes along with it; storage, maintenance, boat insurance, and operation costs. Having a good handle on your budget will help you decide on the boat’s size, sophistication, and whether you can afford new or used.

As a rule of thumb, the smaller and simpler the boat, the cheaper it will be. The purchase price will be less, fuel costs will be less, the boat insurance will likely be less, upkeep will generally be less, and trailering the boat rather than keeping it at a marina could be an option.

Inspect It Like A Detective

Once you’ve found a boat, take time and inspect it thoroughly before purchasing it. Check the electronics, engines, and other systems, look for imperfections in the fiberglass, etc. After a thorough inspection, if you still think this could be your boat, ask for a test drive.

When you’re out on the water, make sure to pay attention to how the boat planes, its sight lines, its maneuverability at different speeds, and its overall balance and stability. You want to make sure the boat functions properly because the last thing you want to do is use your boat insurance immediately after buying your boat.

Warranty Coverage

And last but not least, review the warranties on any boat you’re considering. If you’re buying from a dealer, understand what components and accessories are protected and ask about services you’ll receive if something fails. Also, ask about the warranty coverage on the engine(s) and hull and whether it’s transferrable; this could help you down the road.

Buying a boat is a very exciting moment, and we want to make sure that you get the right boat for you. When you decide on the style of boat you want, give us a call, we would love to go over the details of what boat insurance we can offer, what is covered, and get you a quote.



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