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Specialty Car Insurance - What it Includes

Specialty car insurance is an important type of coverage to consider if you drive a high-end vehicle such as a luxury, classic, antique, or sports car. Without the right protection, you could be left paying out of pocket for costly repairs and replacement parts if your ride is damaged due to an accident or other unexpected incident.

Who Needs Specialty Car Insurance:

When you invest in specialty car insurance, you can be sure that your vehicle has the right level of coverage to protect it from any financial losses associated with repair or replacement costs. This type of policy, with specialty car insurance, generally offers higher limits of liability than a standard auto insurance policies and may also provide supplemental coverage for custom accessories and modifications. It also typically includes provisions for OEM parts when repairs are necessary.

In addition to providing peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is adequately covered, specialty car insurance usually comes with additional benefits such as roadside assistance and trip interruption services. This means that if you’re ever stranded on the side of the road after an accident, help is just a phone call away. Your specialty car insurance policy may even cover hotel expenses during unexpected delays in travel caused by mechanical problems or weather related incidents.

If you drive a high-end vehicle, investing in specialty car insurance is essential to make sure you’re not left footing the bill for costly repairs and replacements down the line. With a specialty car insurance policy in place, you can rest assured that your valuable ride has the right level of protection it needs and deserves.

What Specialty Car Insurance Includes:

Specialty car insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for vehicles that are not typically covered by traditional car insurance policies. Your specialty car insurance coverage is designed for cars that have unique characteristics, covering cars such as classic or antique cars, modified cars, custom cars, and luxury cars.

In many cases, specialty car insurance policies needs to include higher levels of actual coverage than your standard auto insurance policies, and can include additional coverage options such as agreed value replacement, guaranteed acceptance, and full restoration coverage.

Agreed value replacement means the amount you receive for damages to your vehicle will be pre-determined with your specialty car insurance policy in the event of a claim, regardless of the actual market value at the time of loss or damage. Guaranteed acceptance means you won't be denied a policy due to your driving history or vehicle condition. Full restoration coverage pays for repairs and replacements up to the original value of your car before it was damaged.

Some specialty car insurance providers also offer coverage for spare parts and equipment used in restoring classic cars, including tires and wheels; engine modifications; custom body work; customized paint jobs; interior trims; audio/video systems; electronics; and security systems. These features may not be available with traditional auto insurance policies.

In addition to providing superior protection for classic vehicles, specialty car insurance offers the security of knowing your vehicle is fully insured should something unexpected happen. With specialized underwriting and knowledgeable agents like our team at Richard Dean Insurance who understand all aspects of insuring classic vehicles, specialized car insurers can provide tailored products to fit any need.

From basic liability-only coverages all the way up to full comprehensive coverage plans that protect against theft, fire damage, vandalism, weather-related damage and more, our agents will find a specialty car insurance policy that perfectly suits your needs.



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