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Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Our garages are not appreciated as much as they should be; they help keep our vehicles out of the elements, store surplus supplies, and even house our fun family activities. Month after month, things can pile up, and what better time of year than Spring to get all that stuff organized?

Spring cleaning probably seems overwhelming, but one tool or one bicycle at a time, and you will be making progress and left feeling rewarded when it's all said and done.


Getting rid of clutter and things you don’t need or no longer use is the best place to start.

Here is a declutter task list to make it a little easier:

  • Get rid of items that are no longer used

  • Throw away garbage and broken, unrepairable things

  • Set items on the curb with a FREE sign

  • Donate or sell items that are in good shape that could be useful to someone else


Now that you have decluttered and gotten rid of any excess items, it's time to organize.

Here are some organizational tips to get you started:

  • Categorize items

  • Measure your garage parking spot by outlining your parked car with chalk (It makes it easier to organize stuff and allow enough room)

  • Decide on storage solutions for each category.

  • Whether or not you have children or pets, it's best practice to store chemicals and hazardous items in cabinets with locking doors

It is such a great feeling when you finally finish decluttering and organizing your garage. All of your stuff now has a spot! Our garages are really important for keeping items safe and some of these items can be quite expensive.

Make sure to check in with your insurance agent and find out if your homeowners policy covers permanent structures on your property. Rest assured, a standard homeowners policy usually covers both your home and permanent structures on your property, which would include your garage.

However, it is always better to have peace of mind before some unforeseeable event happens. Call your insurance agent today and find out exactly what your homeowner's policy covers. The last thing you need is to be in a situation where you need coverage and don’t have it.



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