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What to Consider When Choosing a General Contractor

DIY home renovations have become more common over the years because of all the popular home renovation TV shows. But sometimes leaving certain projects to the professionals is the best idea.

However, choosing a general contractor, or GCs, can be scary and feel like a job of its own.

Yes, they can make your dreams a reality, but they can do some serious damage if you don’t choose the right one. So the real questions you should be asking are: how do you choose the right general contractor, and does your homeowners insurance cover home renovations gone wrong?

Once you find a contractor and have them come out to make a bid on your home renovation project, find out how long they have been working in the area and whether they have a general contractor license. Always ask for their license number and information so that you can double-check that their license is, in fact, current and if there are any existing complaints filed with local departments.

Every licensed contractor will have both general-liability coverage and workers’-compensation policies to protect themselves and their employees. That said, be sure to call your homeowners insurance company and let them know the type of renovations you are having done. Make sure your agent reviews your general contractor’s insurance and your homeowners insurance to make sure that you will be fully covered in the event of an accident.

Depending on the type of renovation, you made need to obtain specific permits. Your general contractor should know the proper way to get the permits you need for your home renovation. Making sure that you have the proper permit for any new project on your home is really important.

These permits place regulations on certain types of building to keep things safe and “up to code.”

If work is done without a permit, you could risk your home renovation not being done appropriately. This could result in unsafe living conditions, issues with your homeowners insurance coverage, and problems with the resale of your home.

Home renovations can be exciting, especially when it's done right. As your homeowners insurance agent, we recommend that you research the general contractor that you use and verify with your homeowners insurance company that you and your GC have the appropriate coverage.

If you have more questions about your homeowners insurance policy and whether it covers your new home renovation project, give us a call.



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